Viral Scam Link Hits Facebook – Dad catches daughters on Web Cam

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Facebook Security, Scams
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Get to the point. What do I need to do?

Don’t click any links that appear to show you “hidden” videos, “celebs uncovered”, “Osama Bin Laden” videos etc. More often than not they are links which will repost themselves on your wall and sometimes force you to install applications that can carry out actions without you knowing such as tagging your friends, posting to your wall or making your information available to third parties.

Also only download software from trusted sites in this case Adobe Flash player should be downloaded from

The story:

Unsuspecting Facebook users are spreading a new viral link which pretends to show users the moment when a Father catches his two scantily clad daughters on a web cam.

Users who follow the link will be taken to a page that appears to still be part of Facebook which shows the user a screen shot of the two teenagers and the user is asked to “click play”.


Clicking play will then lead to another screen that informs the user that they need a new “codec” for flash player in order to watch the dodgy movie.

Clicking to download the codec will install a piece of software called freecodec.exe which actually installs a browser extension called Profile Stylez. You will also unknowingly post the same link that lead you to the scam in the first place.

Be careful out there!


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